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Servicing new cars, 4WD, and commercial vehicles

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Get the service of a dealership at a more affordable price. Our modern diagnostic technology and qualified staff ensure that your vehicle is in the best hands. To protect your warranty or keep your older car running longer, we use the highest quality replacement parts. We also carry out handbook services on most new vehicles. 

4-wheel drive & diesel performance

For over 20 years, we have modified 4-wheel drives for off-road and towing duties. From safety inspections and suspension turbo installs, to bull bar and winch upgrades, we do it all. 

We also help you get more out of your diesel engine.Using the latest ECU reflashing technology from Advanced Vehicle Remapping .Your engine can perform up to 40% better without hurting your fuel economy.

Whatever you want, we will supply and fit it for you. Take that around-Australia trip or trek through the outback; we’ll make sure your vehicle is ready.
Our EFI specialists can help you with any emissions 
and fuel injector requests including:

• fuel injector service
• DPF and EGR solutions
• speedometer calibration checks
• printouts of vehicle performance

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Dyno tuning diesel & EFI specialists

No problem is too difficult for us to fix. Using a comprehensive range of tools and Mainline All Wheel Drive Dynamometer we quickly diagnose and fix any issue. We can also remap your engine using several different software programs including 
EFI LIVE for GM Ls1 Ls2 Ls3 V8 engines

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        Steering, suspension, and brakes

Your steering, suspension, and brakes keep you safe. Neglect and improper care can be dangerous and expensive. Your safety is our priority. We make sure your car stays on the road, and stops when you need it most. Outback treks or towing duties require something more, we can also upgrade your vehicle to fit the job. To cover all your needs, we use a variety of top quality brands such as Old Man Emu, Rancho, King, Carrolls, and others.
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RTA inspections

Come to B & D Automotive for all your RTA inspection needs. As a servicer and inspector, we make sure that your car, bike, or trailer are fit to pass. Whether it be pink of blue slip inspections we help you take care of problems in advance, so that you can pass inspection with ease later."

Harley Davidson service

As enthusiasts and professionals, we take great care in servicing old and new Harleys. Our expertise in tuning, diagnostics, and repairs will keep your bike ruling the road.

Put your Power Commander or Screamin Eagle in safe hands. Call or stop by today for all your service needs.

Harley Davidson motorcycle being repaired
white truck tank replacement

LP gas conversions and tank test station

A rise in fuel prices can hurt your household budget. Save nearly 40% on your fuel bill by converting your petrol or diesel vehicle to LP gas. With our LPG systems, you may even see increased torque and power. We make sure you get top performance and economy for your dollar by 
using brands such as Impco, Airod, and others. We also 
service and re-certify your gas cylinders that are 
due for inspection.

Come to one place to get all your needs covered. 
Call us today for a quote on your car conversion.

Classic and modern muscle cars

Nothing combines power and beauty quite like a muscle car. At B & D Automotive, we specialise in building and modifying these works of art. Our passion as enthusiasts ensures our utmost attention to detail, and constant pursuit of perfection.

Whether you need parts, service, complete restoration, or advice- come to us. We have hundreds of industry 
contacts to help locate, fabricate or restore parts 
here and overseas. We can also help with the 
project management of your build.
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